NEDO CORPORATION has been one of South Asia’s most trusted company’s since 1935. NEDO CORPORATION was founded in India as a humble trading company, accordingly as the region of South Asia evolved and developed so did our company. NEDO CORPORATION began diversifying its fields of trade, focusing as telecommunications, multimedia projection, and various other sectors. As of today NEDO has branched out into numerous divisions that all work independently on their specific sector, allowing our experts to specialize in a certain field, enabling us effectively be experts at all the sectors we deal with. Each of our divisions has its own sales team, marketing department, finance advisors and after sales experts, giving us an edge on all the markets we partake in. At this time NEDO CORPORATION’s five main fields of expertise pertain to the following divisions

  • Our Video Conferencing Division at NEDO is leader in Pakistan, providing the newest and most efficient products. At NEDO our Hitachi LCD Multimedia Projectors and DLP Multimedia Projectors are of the highest quality,additionally ourLife-size Video Conferencing solutionsand Interactive Boards & Screens will provide your business with the all AV equipment it needs.
  • NEDO Time Attendance Division prides itself on providing the Pakistan’s most state of the art time management and time attendance equipment available. Our TMS services and equips business with a full range ofBiometric Time Attendance Machine, Face recognition Time Attendance Machinesand Hand Punch Time Attendance Terminals.
  • The Security and Surveillance division at NEDO seeks to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients and their employees, through the use of CCTV cameras, Walk Through gates, and Turnstile solutions.
  • The Scanning & Mobility Division at NEDO has been a provider to some of Pakistan largest retailers and warehouses, giving companies across Pakistan the opportunity to increase sales and employee efficiency, through the use of our equipment. NEDO’s Scanning & Mobility Division offers premium rates on Third generationBarcode Scanners and Handheld Mobile Computers, which enable business to take inventory of their products faster than before, as each product scanned is given a mobile marker which can be access through the software offer by NEDO.
  • The Civil Surveying division is one of NEDO CORPORATION cornerstone sectors, as it caters to a market which has grown immensely in the last decade, throughout Pakistan. Our Civil Surveying division is among the most talented and experienced in Pakistan, providing quality civil surveying equipment includingGPS/GNSS solutions, LeciaTotal stations, Theodolites, Laser distance meters and Auto levels.

NEDO is not only a distributor of advanced technologies, across multiple sectors. Here at NEDO we are also a team of highly motivated and well trained professionals, who strive to make a name for ourselves in the industries we pursue. Why settle for less, at NEDO our highly trained professionals are the best in the industry, and their jobs is to help your business grow. We strive to offer quality customer service, and are happy to help any business in providing consultation on equipment that would help increase productivity and profits.

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Barcode Scanner in Pakistan

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Hitachi DLP Projectors DLP Technology is undoubtedly an excellent form of technology because you are able to get numerous..

Hitachi DLP Projectors DLP Technology is undoubtedly an excellent form of technology because you are able to get numerous..

Hitachi DLP Projectors DLP Technology is undoubtedly an excellent form of technology because you are able to get numerous..

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