About Nedo Group

NedoGroup has had roots in Pakistan since its colonial period, and as the people and markets of South Asia shifted and grew, so has NedoGroup. Despite our humble beginnings as a trading company in 1935 in India, we at NedoGroup strive to be the leaders of our industry, providing the best and most trusted service and technological equipment available. At NedoGroup we seek to create long lasting relationships we all the companies we do business with, not only on a business level but on a personal one too. We want to know who we are doing business with, as to enable us to gauge the needs of your company in order to maximize your profits as well as your productivity, by offering quality equipment and service. We seek to accomplish this by having our professional staff analyze your company and its current business model, to provide you with logistical support and state of the art equipment, which will help develop your company’s growth.

The services that NedoGroup offers includeAudio Visual Presentation Solutions, which entails high-tech Multimedia Projectors, and Interactive boards & screens, as to improve company meetings and presentations. Enabling employees and clients to walk away from presentations and meetings with a higher degree of understanding, on the topic presented, increasing the level of communication throughout a company. NedoGroup offers the latest time management and time attendance equipment and software, to help companies better manage their time and employees, as to increase overall productivity and profits. Some of the time management and attendance equipment we distribute are;Zkt eco Biometric Time Attendance Machine, Face recognition Time Attendance Machine and Hand Punch Time Attendance Terminals.

NedoGroup has a long history of doing business with large warehouses and retailers, helping such companies’ better stock and organize their large inventories, by offering them 1D/2DWired and Wireless Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers.NedoGroup also offers instructional tutorials to employees, so they can become familiar with the software we provide, allowing themto utilize these systems effectively. Additionally, NedoGroup offers serving and repair whenever needed. NedoGroup also has expertise with developers and construction companies, as we offer a wide range of civil surveying equipment that will ensure your company is at the cornerstone of its industry. The equipment we offer includes Leica GPS/GNSS solutions, Total stations, Theodolites, Leica Laser distance meters and Auto levels, we also service and offer instruction for all the aforementioned equipment. Accordingly, we offer Security and Surveillance to all our business partners, to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients and their employees, through the use of CCTV cameras, Walk Through gates, and Turnstile solutions.

Our extensive portfolio throughout multiple sectors enables us at NedoGroup to provide our clients with a wide range of services and equipment, which can cater to their specific needs, whether it’s a large company or a small business. Our superb costumer service and the expertise of our professionals allows’ us to work diligently and personably with all our clients, as to ensure that we can help their business grow and succeed. If you feel NedoGroup is right for you, please contact us and let us increase the productive and profits of your business today.