Prestigio MultiBoards

Are you seeking to create a company which prides itself on innovation and progress? Do you want to be able to work diligently with the employees of your company? If so the Prestigio Multi Board is the perfect item to help you increase your company’s sales and productivity. Though you might not know it yet, the Prestigio MultiBoard is going to be the centre piece of your boardroom. The Prestigio MultiBoard is already being used by a myriad of large firms, such as HP and Microsoft, and if it’s helped them it will surely help your business. What Nedo Group has to offer is a segueinto new chapter of your business, since our Prestigio MultiBoard is the latest piece of interactive multimedia technology out there. Our Prestigio MultiBoard offers your business an opportune chance to increase its ability to work on and present projects, on an interactive board that doubles as a presentation panel. Those seeking to use our Prestigio MultiBoard for educational purposes, it is far more efficient than a whiteboard, and it allows the user to browse through Windows software. Nedo Group’sPrestigio MultiBoards are all Full HD, and have applications that enable users to interact, connect and communicate with other clients or employees. The Prestigio MultiBoards that Nedo Group offers comes in a range of sizes, including; 55", 65", 70 ", 80".

As an authorized dealer of Prestigio MultiBoards, we at Nedo Group guarantee the quality assurance of your Prestigio MultiBoard, and that all of our products are up to standards. Accordingly, we offer servicing and instruction for our Prestigio MultiBoards, to your employees, so that they may learn all the unique features and applications of the product.Our commitment to providing companies with quality Prestigio MultiBoardshas sought us to do business throughout Pakistan’s major cities, including; Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi. So contact us today, and we’ll able to have our A/V division help you purchase your Prestigio MultiBoard.  Our A/V division are experts in Interactive solutions, so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

MultiBoard 55" 65" 70" 80"

  • Best Solution for Business
  • Full HD Multi-Touch Screen
  • Interactive features to present,
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